Control system upgrades unlock untapped potential from existing lines.

Lean how upgrading your system's components can increase your lines productivity

Smart Monitoring Systems are performance improvement programs with expertise provided for factory managers globally under pressure to deliver continuous improvement. In the present challenging climate, performance analysis using production data, quality data, and real-time monitoring is vital to identify opportunities for continuous improvements. An excellent performance management resource for production supervisors, line operators, maintenance engineers, operations managers, and financial controllers. Equipment effectiveness, machine utilization, and real-time monitoring are provided for ensuring continuous improvement in the supply chain and guaranteeing best practices.

What is the importance of production monitoring?

One thing common among most factories is that problems can and do occur anytime causing unplanned downtime. Even for the most organized factory, problems such as poor product quality, accidents, and other setbacks occur. Troubleshooting to fix problems can be time-consuming and affect production time, making a production monitoring software an essential component for any manufacturing businesses. Although an inspection may offer a quick view of a product during a manufacturing cycle stage, system monitoring offers a holistic view of everything happening throughout the line.

  • Downtime Tracking
  • Production Monitoring & Control in Real Time
  • Visual displays of all lines at all plants from anywhere in the world. (with an internet access)

Unplanned downtime is seriously expensive

The Problem:

It is a messy, tedious activity to acquire, parse, and clean data for analysis in a factory. When tools break, it can be costly. A tool can become damaged yet still make parts that seem to spec, but those parts end up often getting scrapped. Subtle anomalies in machine load, torque, acceleration, and spindle speed can cause parts to be made outside of required tolerances. All of this costs you time and money.

Ashworth SmartSpiral® Damage

The Solution

Collect and harness high-frequency machine data in real-time to diagnose and predict various types of failures so your team can stop them from happening in the first place.


Pioneering the Industry
Ashworth has been a major innovator in conveyor belting

Hybrid Belting:
Ashworth pioneered hybrid conveyor belting,

True-Tracking Friction Driven Belts:
Ashworth developed the true-tracking CB5

Lotension Spiral System and Spiral Belts:
Ashworth invented the Lotension Spiral Conveyor System

A Step Ahead
At Ashworth, this innovative spirit enables us to stay a step ahead of our competitors

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