Monitor and optimize bread production with the SmartSpiral® Monitoring System

Ashworth teams up with BAKERpedia to answer your questions

Chris Trinch and Jonathan Lasecki from Ashworth Bros., Inc., Oscar Gomez from ECD Baking and Mark Floerke from BAKERpedia answer your questions on artisan bread production.

SmartSpiral® Monitoring System

This cutting edge technology allows you to monitor your belts to determine if there are maintenance issues, so you can take unplanned downtime out of production. The SmartSpiral® is an industrial-grade electrical enclosure that can monitor up to 8 different sensors to measure any changes.

  • Real-time spiral performance data anytime, anywhere
  • Continuous monitoring of spiral temperature, belt tension, cage power and motor power with expandability for 3 more sensors
  • Features the industry’s first patented bottom bearing wear sensor
  • Secure stand-alone monitoring, independent of plant’s network
  • Access to multiple spirals and plant locations from one screen
  • Easy-to-see user alerts and system feedback

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