Metal Spiral & Turn Curve Belts

As the inventor of the lotension spiral system, Ashworth offers a wide variety of all-metal and metal backbone/plastic surface hybrid belts for use in lotension systems. These belts allow the end user optimal production possibilities, while ensuring the strength, durability, and product release characteristics required for the most demanding applications.

Omni-Grid® 360

Omni-Grid® 360 Weld is offered with a minimum turn ratio of 1.6 times the belt width. An easy retrofit to existing systems


The strongest, most reliable spiral and turn curve conveyor belt available on the market today.


All Omni-Grid Family components are precision crafted from premium quality stainless steel to exacting standards. The finish is smooth and burr-free for quick and easy cleaning, maximizing production.


Reliable turn curve and spiral performance since 1959.

PosiDrive Spiral®

An alternative to Lotension drive systems for applications where product movement is a problem.

ExactaStack® Belts

A standard belt stacker for companies that need a cost-effective, high quality food processing solution.

Small Radius Omni-Flex®

1.0:1 Turn Ratio. Small Radius Omni-Flex® conveyor belts can negotiate a much tighter turn than regular Omni-Flex belts.

Space Saver Omni-Grid®

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt of Choice for Wrinkle-Free Conveyance.

Small Radius Omni-Grid®

Tighter turn than regular belts best used for applications where floor space is limited.

Super Small Radius Omni-Grid®

The Tightest Turn Radius (0.8:1) Conveyor Belt for Spiral and Turn Curve Applications. Smallest System Footprint.

Reduced Radius Omni-Grid®

Tight, 1.6 Turn Radius for Small Footprint Applications.

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