Can washers constructed with metal belts that ride directly on metal beds are prone to deterioration due to persistent metal-on-metal contact that occurs during operation. By installing a plastic bed liner from Ashworth, companies can eliminate the need for bed replacement and extend belt life up to a decade or longer. Ashworth bed liners are made from the same engineered plastics used in our plastic hold-down mats for can washer systems that are highly resistant to chemicals, high temperature, wear, and tear.

Advantages of metal belt/plastic liner versus plastic belting

  • Industry standard/universal sprockets/off-the-shelf availability¬†
  • Eliminates metal-on-metal friction and wear
  • Cheaper than plastic belting
  • Extends metal belt life
  • Material is readily available
  • Provides a more thorough can washing process
  • Produces less chemical carry-out
  • Higher durability, more damage resistant
  • Lower costs for repairs and replacement parts

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