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Ashworth Celebrates 5th Anniversary of ExactaStack Self-Stacking Spiral Belts and Now Offers ExactaDrive


Reduce Product Loss with the Tightest Wire Mesh Transfer Available
"The Cleatrac® System smoothly moves around the industry's smallest nose bar diameters (as small as 0.20 inches)"


Larger Conveyor Openings Equal Increased Product Loading
Refrigerated & Frozen Food

"The Omni-Flex 3 x 1 reduces the overall weight of the belt by 35% without making any additional changes..."


Innovating conveying solutions for 65 years

In addition to conveyor belts being used in proofers, ovens, coolers and freezers, conveyor belts also connect these individual system components of line production and thus provide smooth intralogistics. The belts must be selected based on the different product properties, from dough to finished baked goods. In addition height differences in the system configuration require special synchronisation effects.

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Moving Right Along
Lynn Petrak, Meat & Poultry Magazine

"...slow economic growth over the last few years has led processors to look at investing capital funds to rebuilding existing systems like spiral cookers and freezer to improve yield, quality and shelf-life. “Investment in new conveying systems such as spiral cookers and freezers seem to coincide primarily with the addition of new product lines or..."


Discover How ConAgra and Hormel use OEE to Drive Business Results
Manufacturers face stiff headwinds and to battle the storm they need more effective development methods for operational excellence programs like OEE.


Innovative Options Encourage Efficiency
Dan Orehov, Frozen Food Europe

Companies active on the technological and logistical segment constantly come up with new products and solutions meant for food manufacturers, which are aimed at simplifying production, reducing costs, as well as at ensuring a more efficient logistic and time management strategy.


Spirals offer space-saving design
Shane Whitaker, Baking & Snack

When you’ve got a long way to go, but a short space to get there, you still have an option: go vertical, and go around and around. If bakery layouts are tight and you require additional linear feet for proofing, baking, cooling or freezing baked foods, then spiral belt conveyors can be the answer. 


Keeping Operations Moving
by Shane Whitaker, Baking and Snack

Today’s high-speed automated bakeries and snack manufacturing plants rely upon conveying systems to transport materials through most processing stages and packaging. Conveyors and belting materials serve as the highways and byways for transporting everything from ingredients to finished packaged goods.


Conveyors Spiraling Upward
Charlotte Atchley, Baking & Snack

Spiral conveyors help a bakery’s production line go a long way in a small area. They save square footage by taking advantage of vertical space, and the continuous belt eliminates transfer points that are danger zones for misaligning or damaging products.