Customer Testimonials

"Very Reliable, Backed by Outstanding support"

"Very Reliable, Backed by Outstanding support"

Hear what companies all over the world have to say about Ashworth

Hear what companies all over the world have to say about Ashworth

Ashworth House of Raeford SmartSpiral® Success Story

Find out how Ashworth’s SmartSpiral® Monitoring System prevented unplanned downtime and helped House of Raeford save money at the same time.

Ashworth House of Raeford SmartSpiral® Success Story

Ashworth House of Raeford SmartSpiral® Success Story

Find out how Ashworth’s SmartSpiral® Monitoring System prevented unplanned downtime and helped House of Raeford save money at the same time.

Find out how Ashworth’s SmartSpiral® Monitoring System prevented unplanned downtime and helped House of Raeford save money at the same time.

“Our spiral was down because of electrical drive issues. We were losing production. I contacted Ashworth Factory Service and they rushed a technician in to troubleshoot our spiral. Their technician repaired the drive issue and got our spiral back up and running. I am very pleased with the level of service provided by Ashworth Factory Service."

Dimitri Poulimenos, Director of Operations
Astra Foods Inc., Upper Darby, PA


"Equipment reliability on our bake line is our #1 focus. The previous Ashworth Omni-Flex® belt lasted more than 10 years without issue. With that kind of dependability, it made sense to stick with a proven product, so when it was time to replace, we chose Ashworth Omni-Flex® again. The longevity of Ashworth’s belt is a testament to the quality of Ashworth’s products. We also value the ongoing local engineering support provided by Ashworth’s Technical Account Manager. The support provided helps us to identify potential performance issues before they could result in damage to our belts and conveyors. Ashworth’s proactive approach helps to minimize our maintenance costs and reduces the chance of downtime due to catastrophic belt or conveyor system failures."

Bob Gervais, Maintenance Manager
Bake Fresh, Westerly, RI

"We chose Ashworth because of their price and service. They were able to reduce the number of parts needed while offering a long lasting and trouble free solution!"

Marc Morgan, Maintenance Manager
Bake One, Smyrna, GA

BFG Kitchener

"Very reliable, backed by outstanding support. Top notch support is very important to me. Ashworth is very knowledgeable and has been instrumental on getting me up to speed on lotension."

Stephen Woodthorpe, Production Manager
BFG Kitchener, Cambridge, ON, Canada

Branding Iron

We purchased a new ExactaStack™ self-stacking belt and ExactaDrive® components for a complete retrofit of our existing system which was installed by Ashworth Factory Service Technicians. The Ashworth Factory Service crew did a great job and our system has been running well ever since.

Brian David, Maintenance Manager
Branding Iron, Sauk Rapids, MN

Buona Vita

“We recently replaced our Super Small Radius Omni-Grid® belt on our spiral cooker after many years of successful operation. Ashworth's local Technical Account Manager worked with us to develop the scope of our system refurbishment project which included the installation of a new belt and drive components by Ashworth's Factory Service team. Their team did an amazing job in completing all aspects of this project within our specied time table. Over the years we have relied on Ashworth's engineering and customer service support to ensure that the performance of our spiral cooker meets our daily production demands.”

R. Blake Christy, Senior Vice President
Buona Vita, Inc., Bridgeton, NJ

“We have been using Ashworth’s Advantage belt in our freezer for 6 years. The Advantage belt has performed very well for us. Over the past 6 years Ashworth has also supported us by performing yearly spiral system inspections and tension test. Ashworth used the results from both system inspections and belt tension test to make system maintenance recommendations which has kept our spiral system operating well."

Julio Defer, Maintenance Mechanic
Bylada Foods, Moonachie, NJ

Checker Machine

"Ashworth has always been responsive to my spiral belt needs - I can count on a quality product from their manufacturing facility."

Ross Hoiem, Spiral Sales Manager
Checker Machine, New Hope, MN


"We are never ones to miss an opportunity to supply a solution that is better than anything else in the spiral freezing market. We partnered with Ashworth Brothers to design and build a revolutionary PosiDrive Tandem Spiral Conveying System to provide a customer solution for their ice cream freezing process. PosiDrive technology is far superior to the conventional and antiquated Slip Drive supplied by most spiral manufacturers today.

It’s a bullet proof design that enabled Conovey to build a completely reliable and virtually maintenance free spiral conveying system."

Allan Hrynyshyn, PE Eng. & President
Milton, ON Canada

Cook King

"Ashworth provides rugged and trouble free belts of excellent quality. In emergencies, Ashworth reacts to the situation and offers great service and support.”

Dick Naess, Executive Vice President
Cook King, Inc., La Mirada, CA

Country Home Bakers

"We chose Ashworth Factory Service to complete our spiral refurbishment project because they have successfully completed similar projects for us in years past. We have come to rely on Ashworth's engineering and service expertise when it comes to selecting and installing the proper belt on our spiral systems. In the course of completing our most recent spiral refurbishment project, Ashworth technicians discovered rust on the system's cage bars; which made it very difficult and time consuming to remove and install the new cage bar caps on our spiral. In addition, they found a number of broken cage bar bolts that needed to be replaced. Ashworth's technicians worked until 2:00 AM to resolve these issues that were outside the original scope of our project. As a result of the exceptional support that we received from Ashworth's Factory Service team, we were able to quickly resume production to meet our customer's product requirements."

Joe Brungardt, Country Home Bakers
Plant Engineer, Atlanta, GA

Country Home Bakers

"I chose Ashworth because of their cost, belt technology and service. They provided good products and good service all at a competitive price. Their comprehensive engineering support, high quality and timely service helped us reduce costs."

Jose Perez, Plant Engineer
Country Home Bakers, Atlanta, GA

Energy Sciences Inc

"The product we purchased is reliable and durable which allows our systems to operate at maximum capacity for a long period of time."

Steve Luciano, Materials Manager
Energy Sciences, Inc., Wilmington, MA

General Mills

"Very reliable, backed by outstanding support. Top notch support is very important to me. Ashworth is very knowledgeable and has been instrumental on getting me up to speed on lotension."

Chuck Smotherman, Maintenance Manager
General Mills, Murfreesburo, TN


"We consider Ashworth number one in Spiral Belting! The products we have purchased from Ashworth have been of the highest quality. The service and support from Jeff T. has proven to be priceless to us."

Glenn Martin, Chief Engineer
Giuliano's Bakery, Carson, CA


“We use a variety of Ashworth conveyor belts in transfer, oven, and spiral freezer applications. Ashworth’s Omniflex® belt has been operating in our two spiral freezers awlessly for the past seven years. These belts are easy to clean and require very little attention outside of routine maintenance. Over the past seven years we have placed a great deal of trust in the performance of Ashworth’s conveyor belts and we have not been let down once. ”

Joe Medvitz, Maintenance Manager
Gonnella Frozen Foods, Hazle Township, PA

House of Raeford

"We chose Ashworth because of their reputation, service, excellent support and great quality products. Tom P. is a great sales rep, and is very courteous and knowledgeable.

Barb L. is a great project manager and John and Brian are great engineers.

Ashworth has always been there as needed through the years. They have proven to be #1 when it comes to parts and service!"

Bo Rosas, Maintenance Manager
House of Raeford, Nesmeth, SC

Krispy Kreme

"Ashworth's expert technician refurbished our spiral cooler and had it back operating in only 2 days where it usually takes 3 days to complete a project of this size. Thanks to the technician, for working with us and explaining potential system issues that can impact system performance. Due to the use of top-notch parts and services provided by Ashworth, our system is running better than before with no downtime!"

Pablo Guerra, Operations Manager
Krispy Kreme, Concord, NC


"Ashworth’s team did a great job of installing our new CB5 Baking Band®. They assisted us in developing our oven preventive maintenance program and trained our entire maintenance sta. Ashworth’s engineering expertise and support have helped us to increase product throughput, minimize conveyor downtime, and minimize maintenance cost. As a result of the exceptional support I receive from Ashworth’s team, my spiral and oven are in the best condition since I joined LeClerc Foods. ”

Wayne Smith, Maintenance Manager
Leclerc Foods USA INC., Montgomery, PA


"We've used Ashworth in the past to provide products because they're trustworthy, and provide engineering support. With efficient and accurate troubleshooting they provide quick response to repairs and minimize conveyor downtime. Ashworth Factory Service is very good and they provide timely fulfillment, quality workmanship and comprehensive conveyor support!"

Dan Herman, Maintenance Supervisor
Maid-Rite Specialty, Dunmore, PA


"We replaced an inferior product with an Ashworth Belt. We have been up and running trouble-free since the switch."

Brad Skillings, Product Engineer
Maidstone Bakeries, Brantford, ON, Canada


"Excellent product - Good Value! Exceptional service - knowledge and ability with continuous ongoing product support. Product is durable and economical to own."

R. M. Rooker, Maintenance Manager
T. Marzetti, Columbus, OH


“The technicians at Ashworth Factory Service are knowledgeable and provide very capable installation services. Ashworth is easy to work with and completed the installation to meet our plant schedule, plus the belt and service cost less than the competition.”

Dale Waleski, Plant Engineer
McCain Foods, Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada

Monterey Fish Co

"The Ashworth Factory Service was excellent and the technicians really know what they’re doing! The technician helped us extend the life of our belt and saved us money!"

Sal Tringali, President
Monterey Fish Co., Monterey, CA


“We have come to rely on Ashworth’s local engineering support. Ashworth’s Technical Account Manager frequently inspects the condition of our belts on our lines, and identies potential problems that could result in damage to our belts and conveyors. Ashworth belts require little in the way of extensive maintenance and with routine maintenance, they tend to last a long time. This helps us to keep maintenance costs down thus enabling us to meet daily production requirements. ”

Phil Corbett, Maintenance Purchasing Manager
Pepsico/Frito-Lay, Randolf, MA


"We've purchased belts from Ashworth for 30 years. We switched to the Ashworth ExactaStack™ because Ashworth provides reliable products and services that reduce our maintenance costs.."

Brian Wolfe, Maintenance Manager
Pilgrim's, Moorefield, WV


“As a global provider of high quality, gourmet food products to restaurateurs and retailers, attention to detail and product consistency are critical to the success of our business. We have been a long-time partner with Ashworth because their premium standards for quality and performance mirror our own. Due to the quality, design and service support provided by Ashworth, we have been able to run the same Small Radius Omni-Grid® belt on our spiral freezer for the last 27 years with minimal maintenance and high uptime."

Bob Patza, Maintenance Manager
Provimi Foods, Seymour, WI


"Ashworth offers outstanding customer service and excellent product knowledge. Their support, ie: tension tests, help us to feel confident our system is running well and will continue to run trouble free, reducing down time. Ashworth is a one stop shopping and engineered driven company that's focused on core product belting. Jeff has been a joy to work with and has always been there when we need his advice or support. He is not just out to sell a belt, but to build a long term relationship."

Troy Alering, Engineering Manager
Raybern Foods, LLC, Hayward, CA


"Years of very good history, quality material with good service make them long lasting and reliable. Ashworth offers a superior product backed by excellent service."

Bob Smith, Engineering Manager
Rich Products, Buffalo, NY

House of Raeford

"Ashworth Factory Service has successfully completed several spiral system projects for our plant and other House of Raeford facilities. Our confidence in Ashworth Factory Service stems from their ability to continually complete our spiral system projects on schedule while adhering to the agreed upon scope of our projects."

Rick Baxley, Maintenance Manager
House of Raeford, Nesmith, SC

S&F Foods

"Ashworth was the original belt supplied with our spiral freezer. It lasted nearly 20 years! In our industry we can not afford long breakdowns. Ashworth has proven reliable and well supported."

Randy McDonnell, Plant Engineer
S&F Foods, Concord, ON, Canada

San Francisco Foods

“Ashworth Factory Service is top-notch. They installed the belt, turn-key and stress free, allowing me to focus on other projects. We have reduced waste and downtime, and the belt has increased efficiency in our proofer.”

John Sims, Maintenance Manager
San Francisco Foods, San Leandro, C


"Ashworth rushed 382 feet of belting to me and did an exceptional job of getting my factory back into production. Ashworth offers high quality belting, and customer service people who care and go the extra mile to help you.”

Thomas Keenan, Engineering Manager
Seviroli Foods, Garden City, NY

Snyder's Lance

"We chose Ashworth due to great service and good quality along with high performance of the belting. I would describe Ashworth as a company that strives for customer happiness along with a high quality material. They have a belt that is great for baking cookies!"

Steven Lyons, Jr., Maintenance Planner
Snyder's Lance Inc., Columbus, GA

Suzanna's Kitchen

"The comprehensive engineering support we receive from both Ashworth and Ashworth Factory Service is the reason why we have come to rely on them for our belts and service needs. We recently completed a spiral refurbishment project with Ashworth Factory Service's assistance. We were very impressed with the Ashworth Factory Service's in-depth spiral system knowledge and their service engineer's willingness to be flexible in  work to be performed. The refurbishment project and system start-up was completed on time and there were the no unexpected surprises. Their performance is the reason why we will continue to rely on Ashworth to complete additional projects in the future."

John Fountain, Suzanna’s Kitchen, Inc.
Director of Facilities & Engineering, Norcross, GA

Table Talk Pies

"We have past experience with our account manager and find Lee C. to be professional, knowledgeable and experienced.

We had a refurbishment project that was completed as described in the project scope and included HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP!!!

Art K and the crew did an exceptional job!!!"

Peter Trama, Maintenance Manager
Table Talk Pies, Worcester, MA


"Over the past several years, Ashworth's local Technical Account Manager has been monitoring the tension and overall performance of our spiral freezer belts. Recently, we were experiencing continual product jam-ups when transferring product between multiple turn-curve conveyors Immediately following our spiral freezer. Ashworth's local Technical Account Manager and engineering staff recommended replacing the multiple turn- curve conveyors with a single conveyor, thus removing the troublesome transfer points. Their recommendation has helped to eliminate the product jam-ups and Improve the overall performance of our gelato production line. Ashworth's engineering and service support has also helped us Identify additional opportunities to Improve the future performance of our spiral freezers."

Joseph Gagliano, Maintenance Manager
Talenti Gelato, Marietta, GA

WPP Dough

“Prior to installing the Omni-Pro belt we had to go into our freezer 3 or 4 times per shift to work on the system. Since installing Omni-Pro, we turn the system on at the beginning of the shift and off at the end. The belt has run  problem free for over a year."

Michael Omahne, Owner
W.P.P Dough Company, Johnstown, PA


"The service is excellent and the quality of the materials exceeds expectations.

We have found a partner, not just a vendor, a company that we look forward to growing as we grow. Ashworth is always willing to go the extra mile. They provide real solutions with products and service for our real needs.

I deal with many vendors every day and I have to applaud Jeff T. for the wonderful service and quick response!"

Enrique Mendoza, Production Manager
Wawona Frozen Foods, Clovis, CA


"Ashworth Factory Service is easily our supplier of choice for spiral maintenance, repair, retrofits, redesigns and relocation. One call sets everything in motion from estimates to hands on completion of job. The Ashworth Factory Service team is punctual, hardworking  and extremely knowledgeable."

Doug Brown, Bakery Maintenance Planner
Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester, NY





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