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Cleatrac® System

The Challenge:

Ashworth recently solved a problem for an east coast poultry processor that was having difficulty with a conveyor belt they were using in their portable batter applicator in-feed and conveyor.

The two conveyors must maintain less than 1/2-inch distance between the belts for the product to successfully transfer. The existing single-plane conveyor belt allowed the product to wedge between the two conveyors because the gap exceeded the minimum space required for successful product transfer.

The production operators had to continuously adjust the conveyors' position to keep the proper spacing. In the process of adjusting the conveyors' positions, the two belts would sometimes make contact with each other, damaging the belts and causing excessive down time. This problem caused the company to replace approximately 50 feet of belt every two weeks. As a result, the company was faced with unnecessary product loss as well as expensive belt and maintenance costs. The company wanted a belt that would reduce the 1/2-inch gap and would not be damaged if the conveyor was over adjusted.

The Innovative Solution:

The installation of the Cleatrac belt system was the solution to the company's problems. The tighter transfers of the belt allowed the company to close the gap between the two conveyors to 1/4 of an inch.

The Cleatrac belt system was easily retrofit into the existing conveyor using a 1-inch bore CTS 30-12 UHMW plastic sprocket. The installed belt was 12 ft. long and 40 inches wide, CTB 30-24-16, T304 stainless steel construction.

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