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The Challenge:

An Ashworth Sales Associate visited and listened to performance problems a well-known metal container manufacturer was encountering with his can washer hold down mats. The can washers required repeated maintenance inspections because the hydrofluoric acid present in the washing solution attacked the plastic belts, causing them to grow across their widths. Eventually, this caused the belts to jam against the washers and break-up. The mats typically had to be replaced after only about 15 months of usage.

The Innovative Solution:

Ashworth's R & D group researched the problem and developed a custom formulated polymer, created specifically to resist acid attack and prevent belt growth. The Maintenance Coordinator at the plant agreed to test Ashworth's new ChemGuard belt to determine if the growth could be eliminated.

The Installation:

ChemGuard is an exact replacement for the Prestoflex, so it fits on the conveyor and is driven by the existing Prestoflex sprockets. The new ChemGuard mat weighed a little more than the current mat, so two additional rollers were installed for support. The smoother edges of the new ChemGuard belt also made it easier and safer for the mechanics to install. The mat installation only took 20 man-hours (4 hours x 5 men), and no sprocket changes were required.

The Results:

The can washers in which the hold down mat was installed operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, running an average of 16-17 feet per minute. After six full months of usage, the ChemGuard belt's width was measured along the entire length, and no growth in belt width was reported. No adjustments needed to be made. The company's Maintenance Coordinator felt that ChemGuard was a big improvement over Prestoflex (and other competitive belts used for the same purpose), so the trial was deemed an overwhelming success! It is now more than two years later and ChemGuard is still running strong.

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