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Ashworth Factory Service (2)

The Challenge:

A large east coast seafood processor contacted Ashworth regarding his 12-year-old Omniflex® belt, which was nearing the end of its service life. The plant's maintenance manager stated that although he had received excellent service from this Ashworth belt, the outside links were finally beginning to wear and break. Furthermore, many of the spiral's component parts were worn and needed replacement.

The Innovative Solution:

The Ashworth representative visited the facility, conducted a site survey and agreed with the maintenance manager that the belt should be replaced and that the spiral components could benefit from complete refurbishment. The two agreed that the best time to refurbish the spiral was when the belt was being installed, so the Ashworth associate suggested that Ashworth Engineering Services (now Ashworth Factory Service) be responsible for both aspects of the needed work. Because he was pleased with both the Omniflex belt and the service he had received Ashworth in the past, the maintenance manager agreed to purchase both the replacement belt and system refurbishment from Ashworth.

The Results:

Belt replacement and system refurbishment were scheduled to take place over a five-day period of traditionally slow production. The new Ashworth Omniflex belt and Engineering Services arrived on schedule, and work began. Ashworth Engineering Services removed the old belt, installed the new one, replaced the cage bar and support rail caps, serviced the spiral's drive components and leveled its tiers. The job was completed in just three days, whereas the maintenance manager had allotted five. He was very pleased and commented that it was one of the smoothest projects he had ever been associated with, and would not hesitate to use Ashworth Engineering Services again.

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