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Ashworth Factory Service

The Challenge:

A major U.S. manufacturer of two-piece aluminum cans was experiencing problems with their 72" wide T316 SS Flat Wire, FWA1, bake oven belt. Severe edge curling and tracking problems had decreased belt life to only six to eight months.

The Maintenance Supervisor felt that he was "on his own" without support from his belting supplier and assumed the problems were the result of poor oven design. A new belt was needed and management wanted to reduce maintenance costs and achieve a much longer life from the new belt.

The Innovative Solution:

Ashworth visited for an initial evaluation of the situation. After reviewing the oven and belt with company maintenance personnel, the Ashworth Engineering Services (now Ashworth Factory Service) associate determined that excessive slider bed wear and roller positioning were the root causes of the problem. To permanently correct the problems, he recommended utilizing Ashworth's Engineering Services Group in partnership with the company to supervise installation and commissioning of a new bake oven belt. An Ashworth Engineering Services associate supervised the installation of a new slider bed, support rollers and drive shaft. The drive motor and sensors were relocated, the new conveyor belt was installed, and the idle shaft was squared with the brake chamber.

The Results:

After the installation and alignment was completed, the oven was warmed to operating temperature for commissioning. The new Ashworth conveyor belt tracked straight and true with no alignment problems. A month later, the installation was checked again and found to be operating perfectly. The company Maintenance Supervisor was very satisfied with the new mat's performance and is confident of longer belt life, due to the correct alignment of the oven. "We expect three to four years of low maintenance belt life and I would recommend it to other plants; there is a lot of added value to Ashworth Engineering Services."

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