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Advantage 200 (2)

The Challenge:

An Ashworth associate visited a major east coast bakery on the invitation of the bakery's manager, who wanted to improve the operating life of a spiral belt that was being used on a cooling spiral. Upon his arrival, the Ashworth associate was advised that the spiral belt had been replaced twice within the last six years. In investigating the reason for the belts' short service life, the Ashworth representative determined the belt was operating under extremely high tension-nearly 284 pounds. In addition to the shortened belt life, the high tension in the system was also causing excessive wear and damage to the cage bar caps, cage bars and wear bars. The plant manager explained that he was close to making a decision to purchase a modular plastic belt.

The Innovative Solution:

The Ashworth associate advised the bakery's manager that an Advantage 200 belt would not only resolve the bakery's excessive tension and maintenance issues, but the Advantage belt would also come with a full five-year warranty. He explained that the Advantage belt would outperform the modular plastic belt in ease of assembly and disassembly (Advantage steel rods can be removed from the links in just seconds with only a screwdriver.) In addition, the Advantage's steel rods would perform better in transporting the bakery's relatively heavy product load across the entire width of the belt without the requirement of modifying the spiral to add an another support rail-a necessary modification to the spiral if the manager chose the plastic modular belt. The bakery manager was also informed that the Advantage belt could run without cage bar caps and could be flipped, which would decrease system maintenance and add to the useful life of the belt.

The Results:

The bakery manager chose the Ashworth Advantage belt. Tension in the system dropped by almost half, to 150 pounds, virtually guaranteeing much longer belt, cage bar and support rail life. The manager was extremely impressed with ease of assembly of the Advantage belt and its superior load carrying capacity (no sagging issues). Furthermore, the facility manager liked that fact that his Ashworth representative was extremely knowledgeable in spiral operations and provided him with valuable information that the competitor did not. He was further impressed when the Ashworth Sales Associate showed up on the day of the belt installation with an Ashworth Engineering Services Associate-just to make sure there were no installation problems. The belt installation went very smoothly and the whole system has been operating problem-free without any signs of wear or excessive tension since April 2005.

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