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Advantage 200

The Challenge:

A major east-coast bread bakery was having difficulty with their modular plastic spiral conveyor belt. The belt was sagging in the middle, and after four years of use, the plastic modules were becoming brittle, and as a result, were breaking under tension. The deteriorating modules were causing weekly down time, which was exacerbated because the plastic rods had worn ("cam-shafted"), making them difficult to remove from the modules. The icing on the cake was that the original belt did not fit the cage. The cage was designed to take a 2.5:1 turn radius belt, yet the manufacturer of the modular plastic belt had recommended a belt with a turn radius of 2.2:1. The ill-fitting belt was subject to surging, which caused product movement on the inside edge of the belt.

The Innovative Solution:

Ashworth's District Sales Manager visited the bakery and recommended Ashworth's Advantage 200 as a suitable replacement for the competing all-plastic belt. The Advantage comes equipped with stainless steel rods rather than plastic, which enables it to carry heavy loads without sagging or bowing as compared to plastic rods. An additional benefit of the steel rods is that they will not "cam-shaft" like plastic, making them easy to remove and reassemble into the patented Advantage links. Advantage belts are assembled and disassembled in just seconds with only a screwdriver, so down time is minimized. The Ashworth Associate also informed the bakery manager about Ashworth's Factory Service who can install the new belt. That way, Ashworth would be responsible for the entire installation and would make sure it ran properly without worry. This sounded like an excellent solution to the bakery manager, especially after all the trouble he had had with his previous modular plastic belt. He was impressed and selected the Advantage 200 along with Ashworth's Factory Services to install his new spiral cooling belt.

The Results:

The plant manager was very pleased with the fast delivery of Ashworth's Advantage belt, Ashworth's Factory Service's quick installation, elimination of his sagging issue and, a 15% reduction in system tension. He rests easy in the knowledge that his down time has been eliminated, and his products are cooling much faster than before, thanks to the Advantage's large open area. The system continues to run trouble-free.

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