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Advantage 120


For at least two decades, a commercial bakery based in the northeast had been using metal belting in the spiral freezer that conveyed their line of frozen dough products. The current conveyor system was separated into three components in order to incorporate a knife-edge transfer and to accommodate the weight of the metal belt. With three different conveyor belts, came three times the chances of failure and downtime. When the time came for a replacement, the bakery decided it was time for a change. They wanted a new belt that was cleanable and easy to repair, but most importantly, light weight and resistant to breakdowns. Bakery maintenance personnel first looked to plastic belting as a possible solution.

Innovative Solution:

When a helpful Ashworth sales representative presented them with an alternative option-The Advantage 120 hybrid belt-the bakery's maintenance engineer jumped at the chance. The metal/plastic hybrid design of The Advantage 120 attracted the bakery because it incorporated all the benefits of the traditional plastic belt they originally wanted-light weight and quick to repair. But paired with those benefits were the pros of metal-strength, durability and ease of cleanability. The belt was installed at the bakery during the summer of 2005.


As expected, The Advantage 120 spiral belt was able to incorporate the transfer applications the bakery needed and the three conveyor components were combined into one smooth-running system. Maintenance crews claim greater satisfaction now that the belt is faster and easier to fix on the rare occasion it needs repair. Instead of hours spent grinding and welding the old metal belts, it takes just a few minutes and a screwdriver to get The Advantage 120 back up and running. Sanitation personnel report that the belt is also easier to clean.

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