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Ideal Transfer Belt System for Small Products.

The Cleatrac Belt & Sprocket System consists of a precision woven wire mesh conveyor belt, together with its drive components, sprockets, filler rolls and support bearings. The woven wire belt is available in a variety of materials and mesh configurations to provide proper product support and airflow for a range of applications.


The Cleatrac System is true tracking with positive sprocket engagement through the precision-formed mesh, which retains its size even as process temperatures fluctuate. This positive drive system is less expensive than chain-edge construction and provides more production output, lower maintenance costs, improved product quality and longer belt life than pin roll drives.

To ensure correct product orientation and minimize product damage (and operating costs), the Cleatrac System smoothly moves around the industry's smallest nose bar diameters-down to 0.20" (5.1 mm).

Cleatrac conveyor belting lasts longer, requires less maintenance and reduces costs because of its more durable construction compared to single-plane wire designs. The balanced weave design of Cleatrac wire mesh makes it resistant to damage from abrasives such as salts, product fines and breading.

The Cleatrac Belt & Sprocket System is available from stock in standard industry widths, complete with sprockets, shafts, support bearings and filler rolls to easily replace your current conveyer belt. Stock, stainless steel belts and drive components are normally shipped within 24 hours. Custom widths are available with standard lead times.

Cleatrac Belt & Sprocket System

Available Options:

Due to their popularity, Ashworth keeps the following Cleatrac® Belts in stock.
They are sold in lengths of 25' and are available in standard widths.
Belts can be purchased along with sprockets, shafts, support bearings and filler rolls. Belts can be shipped within 24 hours.

Please call our Sales & Support Team at: 1-800-682-4594 for pricing and availability.

Part #
Width (in.)
Width (mm)
STKCTBA024.00F CTB 18-16-16 T304 24" 609.6 mm
STKCTBA036.00F CTB 18-16-16 T304 36" 914.4 mm
STKCTBC034.00F CTB 30-24-17 T304 34" 863.6 mm
STKCTBC036.00F CTB 30-24-17 T304 36" 914.4 mm
STKCTBC040.00F CTB 30-24-17 T304 40" 1016.0 mm
STKCTBCB040.00F CTB 30-24-16 T304 40" 1016.0 mm
STKCTBE016.00F CTB 42-36-18 T304 16" 406.4 mm
STKCTBE024.00F CTB 42-36-18 T304 24" 609.6 mm
STKCTBE034.00F CTB 42-36-18 T304 34" 863.6 mm
STKCTBE036.00F CTB 42-36-18 T304 36" 914.4 mm
STKCTBE040.00F CTB 42-36-18 T304 40" 1016.0 mm
STKCTBF040.0F CTB 42-36-17 T304 40" 1016.0 mm
STKCTBG024.00F CTB 60-48-1820 T304 24" 609.6 mm
STKCTBG036.00F CTB 60-48-1820 T304 36" 914.4 mm
STKCTBH030.00F CTB 60-48-18 T304 30" 762.0 mm
STKCTBH034.00F CTB 60-48-18 T304 34" 863.6 mm
STKCTBH036.00F CTB 60-48-18 T304 36" 914.4 mm