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ExactaStack™ - Replacement Self-Stacking Belt and Drive Components


For additional information on drive components please contact Ashworth Factory Service at 1-866-204-1414.

Spiral Stacker Replacement Belt: ExactaStack Spiral Stacker Replacement Belt: ExactaStack Spiral Stacker Replacement Belt: ExactaStack

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A drop-in replacement for standard and wide belt stackers.
Available in all widths, tier heights, and mesh configurations for both spliced-in sections and complete belt replacements. No system drive modifications required.

USDA Plastic Overlay
The only self-stacking belt available with the market's only plastic spiral modules that are both USDA Accepted for meat and poultry and proven by ETL to have the greatest open area - perfect for vertical airflow.

Turn Key
Expert technical support and full turnkey installation from the belting experts who invented spirals

Made in the USA
for fast deliveries and cost savings

ExactaStack's "Rack & Roll" Crating System
For space-saving storage and quick roll-out / roll-in belt replacements

Turn-Key Belt Replacement
The ideal solution for restoring your stacker to deliver optimum performance. Replacing your self-stacking belt is now easier thanks to ExactaStack and Ashworth Factory Service. The experts from Ashworth Factory Service have spent thousands of hours optimizing spiral systems for every type of product application, enabling them to provide you with trustworthy technical support and first-class installation services.

Turn-Key, Stress Free
With every option available, Ashworth Factory Service will help you choose the right ExactaStack belt for your production needs, ensuring throughput is maximized with increased capacity and minimized product damage. Next, a skilled Ashworth Factory Service technician will install your new ExactaStack belt. The drive system will then be inspected and adjusted to ensure proper operation. Finally, you are provided with a detailed system report certified by the experts at Ashworth Factory Service.


  • A completely new ExactaStack Belt that will meet your production needs
  • The services of an Ashworth Factory Service Representative to recommend the belt that is right for you
  • The services of a skilled Ashworth Factory Service technician to install your optimized belt
  • Adjustment of the drive system to match the new belt and a system inspection report

Trust the Experts
Companies around the world depend on Ashworth’s quality products, reliable customer service, and innovative solutions to maximize throughput and minimize life cycle costs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is marked by over sixty years of success in the industry. Ashworth Factory Service offers a full range of engineering services, including system refurbishment, trouble-shooting and belt installation. Any service performed is completed with the goal to increase capacity and improve efficiency. On-call 24/7/365, Ashworth Factory Service Experts provide food processing companies peace of mind with decades of experience, quality workmanship, and comprehensive conveyor belt support.

Product Applications

• Spiral Freezer Belt