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CB5 Baking Band® Product Information

C5 Baking Band CB5 Baking Band C5 Baking Band

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The Woven Wire Mesh Belt Offering Decades of Problem-Free Performance

Every CB5 Baking Band is pre-tracked and electronically charted at the factory to ensure that you receive a straight running, precision woven wire mesh belt with less than 1/4" of total waver at the edges.

The flattened wire surface of the CB5 Baking Band's tightly woven wire mesh offers excellent gas relief with good product support for all but the most fluid dough. The belt density of the CB5 Baking Band maintains even heating for uniform heat transfer to your product across the width of the conveyor belt.

Ashworth's CB5 Baking Band is precision woven with the tightest industry tolerances designed to minimize belt stretch, preventing edge sag and ensuring longer conveyor belt life.

Model I and Model II Control Systems are a key element of your baking band installation. Simple in concept, Ashworth Controls have out performed the dynamic/shifting roll types of controls in the areas most important to the baker-getting product on and off the oven belt in true alignment!

Damage to baking bands during installation is the most common cause of premature failure. When paired with appropriate control systems, Ashworth Factory Service guarantees your baking band will be installed properly, without damage and with less than 1/4" (6.35 mm) total waver at the charge and delivery terminals of the oven.

Before leaving our plant, every Ashworth CB5 Baking Band® is factory tested for true travel in sections up to 200 feet long. When purchasing an Ashworth baking band and control system, along with installation supervision, Ashworth guarantees that the CB5 band will operate with less than 0.25" total waver at the charge and delivery terminals of the oven. Other woven wire mesh belts are guaranteed to operate with less than 0.375" total waver at termination points. Ashworth is your guarantee for exceptional baking band and woven wire mesh belt performance!

Made in the USA

Product Applications

  • Baking Belts
  • Bakery Conveyor Belting